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How do I edit my claim when my claim is rejected?

In order to edit a claim when the claim is rejected the claim must first be at the Draft level.

To begin the editing process, go to the dashboard then click on the draft section in the expenses box.

Click the pencil icon of the rejected claim to edit the details.

To see why the claim was denied, navigate to Claim lines in the box labelled pages on the right hand side of the screen.

Underneath where it says Denied there should be a post-it note icon with There is 1 note written to the right hand side of it. Click on this and the reason of rejection will appear from a drop down menu. From here you can write a not of your own in the box at the bottom of the drop down menu.

To edit the claim, click the pencil icon, located in the yellow bar to the right of the picture of the receipt.

From here you can make the relevant changes to the claim.

Once you are done, save your changes. This will take you back to the claim lines section, from here you can resubmit the claim.

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